1 & 3 Valley Road, Singapore 534449
Tel: 62887456
Email: enquiries@jiaying.org
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Who are we?  

Jia Ying Community Services Society (JYCSS) was set up by Glad Tidings Church in June 2001 as a non-profit society, with the core purpose of serving the community. By 2003 Jia Ying was registered as a charity and became a full member of the National Council of Social Services, with IPC status.

Our Mission

To serve the community through holistic good works and acts of kindness.

Our Objectives

  1. Assist the needy by mobilising resources to build a network of support and assistance within the community.
  2. Reach out to the children and youths through mentorship and family orientated programmes.
  3. Promote volunteerism and life long learning among senior citizens through skills and services programmes and activities.

Our Logo


The logo design is based on using the first two initials `J' and `Y' to form a representation of people. The colour green represents new life and red for the vibrancy that life should bring. This sums up the purpose and objectives of our community arm where we aim to make an impact in the lives of the community around us.

Corporate Information

Unique entity number:


Charity registration number: 001741

ROS Registration Number:

ROS 0115/2001

IPC Status Number:

IPC 000080, renewed up to 31 March 2021

Registered Address:

1 & 3 Valley Road
Singapore 534449

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Board of Directors:

The Board of Directors was elected at the Annual General Meeting held on 24.03.2019.

Eddy Chan - President
Helen Kuan - Vice President
Tang Kah Heong- Treasurer (wef 24032019)
Jayasri - Secretary
Jason Quan
Jasmine Kwek
Serene Chan


Dr. Paul Ng


Fiducia Llp

Annual Report

Download here
Annual Report 2018.

Annual Report 2017